Collaborative Testing of Turbulence Models

Price list, Jan. 1997

(includes US or overseas mail)

(i) Disks 1-6 (including 1980-81 data)..............US$60

(ii) Disks R1-R7 (selected data not on 1-6)..........US$60

A 24-page description of the data library, with the running instructions given to the Collaborators, is included. 3-1/2" MS-DOS disks will be sent if no other format is requested.

(iii) The "Proceedings" of the project (newsletters and other documentation, including selected results (total 650 pages).........US$80

(iv) Proceedings of the 1980-81 meeting (reprinted:3 volumes, 1500 pages)....................US$200

These charges are for single orders, for which handling costs are necessarily high. No copyright is claimed - feel free to copy disks and text for yourself or others. The disk files, data-library description and the final report to the sponsors are available in the J. Fluids Engg databank (see Bradshaw's home page).

Please order by paper mail or Fax (Int + (650) 723-4548) not e-mail or phone. Either invoice with delivery or payment with order is acceptable from institutions (personal orders should be prepaid). Payment should be in US dollars unless otherwise arranged. Make checks payable to "Stanford University" and send to Prof. P. Bradshaw, Mech. Engg. Dept., Stanford University, STANFORD CA 94305-3030, USA

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